Advance Design for Modern Home, Kids, Teens, Girls, Guys and Heavy Sleepers Blue – The Original Rug Carpet Alarm Clock – Ruggie Alarm Clock – Digital Display, Battery Operated, Nature Sounds

Placed on the floor, you can clear room space from your other clocks! Incredible comfort - the incredibly soft and fluffy fabric on Ruggie is wrapped around slow-rebounding memory foam. If 3 seconds isn't enough, you can prolong it up to 30 seconds! Getting out of bed has never been so easy! Effortlessly create new successful morning routines and wake up motivated everyday! Start every day like a champ - while others struggle out of bed.

. You'll be up and starting your day like a champ! Ruggie needs to sense your pressure to stop its alarm! And overtime, this new morning routine will become a new and effortless habit. Beat the snooze - ruggie is loud needs to sense your pressure for 3 seconds to stop the alarm. Effective & minimalistic - ruggie's modern design is highly effective, and will look great in any room despite its function.

It'll be the most comfortable thing you'll lay your feet on in the morning, forget the cold hardwood floors! Wake up motivated - wake up to personalized motivational MP3's that reward you for getting out of bed! Simply connect Ruggie via USB and upload using our free software! .

Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

113db extra-loud alarm with adjustable tone & volume control. Shakes you awake with powerful bed shaker and adjustable extra loud alarm. Adjustable volume and tone. And if that doesn't put your feet on the floor, the pulsating alert lights and Super Shaker bed vibrating unit will. Black with red accents. The sonic bomb, aka the bomb, is for anyone at any age who thinks they might not wake up in the morning.

Dual alarm and equipped with 12/24 hour time capability. 1 year manufacturer's warranty. At 113db, this dual alarm is sure to rattle your windows and force your eyes open. Built-in red flashing alert lights, and battery backup. 5-level dimmer & test function to ensure your clock is setup properly. Battery back-up, will work with optional 220V adapters.

However if the room mate needs a little more shut eye, switch off the sound and wake to the powerful bed shaker and let the roomies crash a little longer. Packaged with our newest most powerful 12 volt bed shaker. Explosive red display. Large red LCD.

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