BestNest Rome Grow Old with Me Sundial and Baluster Pedestal

BestNest #ad - The rome brass grow old with me sundial lends an endearing hint to your yard, with a raised claddagh at the base, a Celtic band around the face, and Roman numerals on the exterior rim for timekeeping. Place this dial on the included Rome Cast Iron Baluster Pedestal for a durable and eye-catching display.

This pedestal elevates the dial 20", and its flat, square base offers stability when placed on a level surface. Add a wonderful sentiment and elegant centerpiece to your landscaping with the Rome Grow Old With Me Sundial and Baluster Pedestal. Sundial dimensions: 10" dia. The soft verdigris finish on both the dial and pedestal enhance your foliage with ease, and the durable brass and cast iron construction keeps these units beautiful for several seasons.

BestNest Rome Grow Old with Me Sundial and Baluster Pedestal #ad - Lend a touch of the emerald isle to your landscaping using this Grow Old With Me Sundial and Baluster Pedestal. X 6"h sundial mounting: place on included pedestal Sundial Construction: brass Includes the rome brass grow Old With Me Sundial & Cast Iron Baluster Pedestal. The sundial features a raised claddagh at the base, a Celtic band around the face, and Roman numerals on the exterior rim for timekeeping.

The pedestal elevates the dial 20" & has a soft verdigris finish, matching the sundial. Items feature durable brass and cast iron construction. This package makes it simple to add a sundial to your garden, and places it at a perfect display height.

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Sundials: Their Theory and Construction

Dover Publications #ad - Have you every wanted to build a sundial or to understand how one works? Then you have probably been frustrated as you search vainly for help. Waugh, a rigorous appraisal of the science of sundials, and an expert on the subject of sundials and their curious history, including mathematical treatment and an explanation of the pertinent astronomical background; on the other hand, presents, on the one hand, professor and administrator at the University of Connecticut for 40 years, he presents simple and non-technical treatments such that several of the dials can be built by children!The subject matter is arranged in 19 chapters, each covering a different aspect of dialing science.

Albert E. But now your search is over. All the common types of dials are covered, armillary spheres, polar dials, cross dials, portable dials, memorial dials, equatorial dials, but the reader can also learn about analemmatic dials, reflected ceiling dials, and old-fashioned noon marks. This book is designed to meet sundialing needs at either the simple or the sophisticated level.

There are also sections on dial furniture, the equation of time, the actual layout out of a dial, finding time in other cities, mottoes, how to find time by moonlight — even how to estimate time from the length of one's own shadow! Directions are given for designing dials for any part of the country, how to find the meridian, or any place in the world.

Sundials: Their Theory and Construction #ad - The author has designed many dials, and his text is filled with helpful hints based on his own personal experience. There are over 100 illustrations, and tables, charts, followed by an appendix which is filled with material which reduces or eliminates the need for calculation on the part of the reader.

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Rome RM2308 Brass Sundial "Grow Old With Me"

Rome Industries 2308 #ad - Functional brass sundial with a polished brass finish. Solid, thick brass casting with a polished brass gnomon. Robert browning's poem, "grow old along with me, the best is yet to be" is probably the most loved quotation used as a motto on sundials. This sundial has verdi highlights. It's the perfect sundial to mark weddings and anniverseries with.

10" diameter in a knotwork design with a beautiful Irish claddagh centerpiece which symbolizes everlasting love. Great gift idea! Motto: "grow old along with me the best us yet to be. Brass/Verdi.

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