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PhotoSuite Pro 4

Easy-to-use effect filters with adjustable intensity - invert, gamma, Posterize, Highlight Shadow, RGB, Monochrome, Exposure, Sharpen, Brush pen, Crayon, Grayscale, Rainy day, Sketch, Ink Pen, Pixelation, and Edge. Use comprehensive selection tools and group objects to easily handle different parts of an image.

Improve your photos - perform a wide range of image adjustments including hue, brightness, saturation, and contrast manipulation to get the best out of your photos. Use advanced photo designer tools - work with layers to combine pictures and create work-of-art collages. Enhance your images with text-based graphics and freehand drawing.

A wide selection of shape stencils combine with the freehand shape tool to offer unparalleled creativity. Work with a wide range of new brushes - pencil, color matrix, sharpen, airbrush and watercolor.

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