JCC Arabic and Roman Number 4 Color LED Digital Wall Ceiling Desk Projection Clock with Remote Control, Time Backup

Classic hand clock face or digital display clock face, hand clock face with figures, various clock dials such as Rome. High-precision clock mechanism, LCD display, simple and easy single-button timing. Do not look directly at the led beam *do not allow children to use the appliance without adult supervision Use 5w hight brightness led light soucre, Low temperature cold light soucr, 000 hours, a over-length life 40, green energy conservation.

Projection distance of 1. 5m to 5m such as the ambient light is dark, the projection distance can be greater. Turn a blank wall or floor area into functional space while adding a stylish, futuristic touch. Projector based clocks generate a bright and vivid analogue clock face image just about anywhere you want.

The projecting clocks can be used at home or in a commercial space. Use of 5w high brightness led light source, green energy 225-degree rotational projection, 000 hours, a over-length life 40, low temperature cold light source, the lens's telescopic focusing. We could help you with it. Product features: in a world where time means everything, this projecting clocks offer a unique and innovative way to highlight time.

180 degrees adjustable projection angle, smooth brightness adjustment. Specifications: type: desk & wall projection Clock Movement: Digital Powered by: DC Input Product Dimensions: 17cm x 7.

Koolertron New Projection Clock Rome Numeral Style Big Display Clock

Light brightness: 700lm. Description: It shows against the wall with huge numbers. The best project distance: 1-10m. Specification: color: black led: cREE XM-L T6 5W Input voltage: 3. 5v 50-60hz suitable voltage:220v an power converter 220v to 110v is included to be used in north america the best project distance: 1-10m light brightness: 700lm Light life:50000h Color temperature:6500K Clock Diameter: 36mm Size: 22*18*17 Weight:1200g Package include: 1 x LED Projection clock 1 x User Manual 1 x adapter 1 x power converter Koolertron" is the registered Trademark With Guaranteed Quality Which Belongs To Kastonecorp.

Input voltage: 3. 5v 50-60hz. Big size - 6 feet in diameter - projected from a tiny bullet. The lens turns 180 degrees so you can point it against any wall. Please note: please check carefully when place an order. Koolertrontm' projection Clock is from Kastonecorp with well package and high quality. Clock diameter: 36mm.


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JCC Arabic and Roman Number 4 Color LED Digital Wall Ceiling Desk Projection Clock with Remote Control, Time Backup
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